3-D Planning. An AFG Exclusive.

Just like in the movies, 3-D technology brings the movie picture to life. Abrahamsen Financial Group’s 3-D Planning Process brings your financial picture to life. Our clients get a more vivid and “life-like” experience about the financial decisions they are making today. Simulating all your financial decisions objectively and seeing what they will look like 5, 10 or 20 years from today will help you make more informed decisions.

People’s lives are much more complex than a two-dimensional report with a bunch of hypothetical numbers and projections on them, which is why we utilize state of the art technology that allows people to look at their finances visually.

Looking at every aspect of your financial picture is a key pillar of our approach. From saving to debt and insurance to investments, each component is carefully analyzed to maximize efficiency. Once all the micro elements have been reviewed, we will be able to macro economically coordinate everything as a whole, maximizing every asset’s efficiency within the plan while at the same time, protecting your wealth.

“It is not just the numbers, but the story behind the numbers.”